Stop Losing Control
Over Your Life.

Consiously track actions
and bring yourself closer your goals.

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Add An Action

Behind every goal stands at least one repetitive action.

This could be a good action, neutral, or a bad action.

Add an action

Track all your actions

It's very important to keep an eye on your actions, so you will never forget to do something from the list.

The timer will show how much time has passed since the last occurrence.

Actions list

Write down your thoughts and progress

Notes are very helpful when you want to see the progress over time. Don't be shy do add them.

As an example, you could write down your workout's progress.

Or even have an action "Journaled" and keep a daily diary.

Add a note

See in details

Action's page show more information about it.

For example time that has passed since the last occurrence or the goal.

Statistics will show you the shortest, longest and average period of time between occurrences.

Detailed action

Never forget your past

We carefully keep all occurrences that have ever happened.

So you can read it as a journal and see your progress over time.

You can add, edit or delete the occurrence if you had added it by mistake.


Why Tracktions?

Building habits and achieving goals is hard.

It's even harder to keep in mind everything you need to do from day to day towards goals. And we tend to forget those things.

It's better to keep all things in one place, to make it easier to follow your goals and actions. And that's why we've built Tracktions.

Tracktions helps you to track and analyze all these repetitive actions so you will never forget or miss them.

You start tracking actions that bring you closer or farther to your goals. Every time you perform an action, you reset the timer and write a note.

After a certain period of time, you will have enough data to analyze your progress.

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